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Crystallee Zielinski
Owner and Manager of Property Management Firm
Business Location: Auburn, NH

Background Information

Crystallee has a well-rounded professional background ideally suited for the specialized real estate services she provides for owners, sellers, buyers, managers, landlords, and investors of residential and commercial real estate. Her education includes an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice /Social Science and her work experience includes extensive administrative, financial, and sales management work; including loan origination services and real estate sales.

Business Description

Crystallee is currently the owner and manager of Leading North Star, Inc., providing comprehensive property management services for multi-unit properties. Additionally, Crystallee provides a host of consulting and advocacy services related to the protection of property rights (i.e. such as a property owner’s right of possession, right of control, right of exclusion, right of enjoyment and right of disposition).

Information for Prospective Clients

Typically, property owners contact Crystallee for property management assistance, advice, or help with the resolution of urgent matters. This can range from “hands-on” help with a complex negotiation, to litigation support, to the need for the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to property management. Please email all inquiries, in strict confidence, to:
All inquiries held in the strict confidence.

Useful Reference Materials

Constitution and Civil Justice Subcommittee to Explore Threats to Property Rights Since Supreme Court Decision in Kelo v. New London

Internal Revenue Service - Real Estate Tax Center



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